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English and the languages we will speak in a 100 years

Have we given a thought about the English language(s) that we will be speaking in a century from now on? Which languages will be extinct and which will be used? Here are two somewhat futuristic press articles that broach these issues:

Dr Horobin:


Dr McWhorter:



** For comprehensive lists of Linguistics Conferences in 2015 and the first-half of 2016, click on the category, ‘Conferences,‘ on the right-hand column of this website.

26th Southeast Asian Linguistics Conference: 26-28 May 2016 (Manila, Philippines)

(Image from cushtravel.com)

Be very well prepared for the next SEALS conference in Manila if you work on (a) Southeast Asian language(s) or, if your interest intersects with it/them!

Read more at: http://www.seals26manila.org/

There was also a call for papers two months ago by Dr. Mark Alves, Editor-in-Chief of JSEALS, with the following message:

“This past Summer, the 25th annual SEALS conference was held at Payap University in Chiangmai, It is time for participants to submit articles to JSEALS.

Those who did not attend SEALS are also welcome to submit articles. Article topics may include any linguistic aspect of native mainland and insular Southeast Asian languages. The papers may include theoretical aspects, applied linguistics, and useful/interesting linguistic data.

Please visit the website <http://jseals.org> for more details.”

Mark J. Alves, JSEALS Editor-in-Chief; JSEALS Managing Editors: Paul Sidwell, Peter Jenks, Sigrid Lew



Call for Papers: PRAGMATICS in/through the new technologies, Seville (4-6 May 2016)

(Image: http://www.telegraph.co.uk)

CFPs by Prof Lucia Fernandez Amaya: cfps_epics_vii.doc

I have presented a paper at EPICS and have good memories of architecturally magnificent Seville and the conference.  However, do decide carefully on the number of attendees before making payment because from my experience, the bank does not refund.


Blommaert & Maly (2014) Ethnographic Linguistic Landscape Analysis

“Whenever the composition of a neighborhood changes, the place sounds and looks differently. We realize that it has changed because we hear and read different languages than the ones we expected or were used to. Language, in that sense, is the most immediate and direct identifier of people and the most immediately sensitive indicator of social change. And disciplined attention to language can help identify the nature and direction of such processes of change, sometimes years before such changes show up in official statistics…”

Read more: tpcs_100_blommaert-maly2.pdf


Job Opportunity in the U.S.A.

(Image of Wisconsin-Madison from: photos.uc.wisc.edu)

University of Wisconsin – Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, as part of its initiative to re-envision the study of the languages, cultures, and societies of Asia, is seeking to hire a TransAsia / transdisciplinary scholar with expertise in at least one South or Southeast Asian language, beginning August, 2016. Rank and area of specialization are open. The tenure home will reside in the newly- forming Department of Asian Studies. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate the ability to cross disciplinary and cultural borders in their research and teaching, and who have the vision and skills to build new academic programs. A tenured appointment requires a proven record of excellence in research and teaching at all levels. We are particularly interested in applicants whose work addresses pressing issues of the day, in areas including but not limited to: digital humanities; literary, media, or cultural studies; qualitative and fieldwork-based social sciences on themes such as poverty, health, migration, human rights, and the environment; or religious studies. Salary is competitive.

Qualified applicants should send a complete dossier (including letter of application, CV, sample publication or thesis chapter) and three letters of reference to:

Chair, Search Committee
Department of East Asian Languages and Literature
1208 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53706

To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by October 15, 2015.
Finalists cannot be guaranteed confidentially. A criminal background check will be required prior to employment. UW-Madison is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and encourages women and minorities to apply.