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The Book of Lord Shang (商君書)

  (Image from seeraa.com)

Various annotations of The Book of Lord Shang, a legalist writing credited to Shang Yang, statesman of Qin (475 B.C.E.–221 B.C.E.), are available. The version on this post has clear prints. It is annotated by Yan Wan-li (Qing Dynasty, 1644–1912), and printed by Zhonghua Shuju.  I am uploading the Contents page and a short chapter, “The Reform of the Law,” for easier access.


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LILA ’15 ( June 29-30, 2015, Istanbul)


DAKAM’s LILA ’15 / LINGUISTICS AND LANGUAGE CONFERENCE will take place at NHKM (Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center) in Istanbul.


The organisers of LILA ’15 Conference encourage submission of papers in all major linguistics sub-fields as well as related cross-disciplinary areas listed in themes page.

Professor Nedret Oztokat from Istanbul University and Freiderikos Valetopoulos from University of Poitiers are going to be keynote speakers of the event.

The full papers are going to be available online in DAKAM’s digital library and to be published in the proceedings book with an ISBN number before the conference. The book will be sent to be reviewed for inclusion in the “Thomson and Reuters Web of Science’s Conference Proceedings Citation Index” (CPCI) and Google Scholars.



Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (June 5-7, 2015, California)

The annual conference of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) in 2015 will be hosted by the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The conference theme is “Transnational Asias.” The program committee seeks organized panels and individual papers on all regions of Asia, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia as well as papers that address globalized and diasporic elements of the Asian experience, within Asia and around the world, including Asian American Studies.

ASPAC promotes multidisciplinary inquiry and scholarship in Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Literature, Linguistics, Language Teaching, Law, Business Administration, Psychology, and other disciplines.  The conference is open to students and scholars from around the world.

Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers for the Mori-ASPAC prize. This prize includes a $300 cash award, a one year membership in the AAS, and a nomination to present the paper at the 2016 AAS meeting in Seattle. Entrants must present their paper at the conference to be eligible for the award.  To enter a paper for consideration for the prize, please:

  1. Register for the conference.
  2. Submit the proposal abstract.
  3. Submit a brief letter of nomination from your academic advisor to conference organizer grohlf@pacific.edu.
  4. Submit the paper itself to grohlf@pacific.edu by May 1.


British Library: The Endangered Archives


(Monks of Gangtey Monastery, Bhutan; image from britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk)

“From Dust to Digital” – this is how aptly the publication, which marks the 10th anniversary of the Endangered Archives Programme, is titled. The Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library digitises and makes available to all a wide range of historical primary resources and research related to them before they turn to dust.

The Endangered Archives Programme preserves historical materials of many parts of the world which are inscribed in languages that are either extinct or are in the process of extinction.  The materials provide us with insights into historical events, personal histories and thus, also linguistic usage, unlocking the secrets into various aspects of the past which we are trying to find out.  As these resources are now available free online, you might not have to travel to the countries of your research interest.

Main: http://eap.bl.uk/index.a4d

Asia: http://eap.bl.uk/database/collections.a4d?region=3

Entries on Vietnam:

EAP219 Assessment and preservation of the old Vietnamese École Française d’Extrême Orient archive in ancient ideographic Nôm script.

EAP531 Preserving the endangered manuscripts of the Cham people in Vietnam.

(*These links were shared by Dr Kirkpatrick, a member of the VSG Forum).


Reminder: ACLL2015 Asian Conference on Language Learning (30 April–3 May, Kobe, Japan)

(Image from http://www.kobejournal.com)

The final submission deadline for the Asian Conference on Language Learning 2015, held from April 30 to May 3 at the Art Center of Kobe in Kobe, Japan, is rapidly approaching.

This conference, themed “Integrated Practices: Creating Experiences to Enhance Learning”, has already received more than 400 submissions from researchers and professionals from around the globe. To be considered for presentation at this event, submit your abstract by March 1, 2015 at http://iafor.org/cfp.

Develop policies. Exchange ideas. Promote new partnerships. Experience Japan.

Join us in Kobe, Japan for presentations on Language Learning and Technology in the Classroom from:

Keynote Speaker
Kay Irie, Gakushuin University, Japan
Integrating Language Learning as Part of A Self Narrative

Featured Speaker
Michael Griffin, Chung-Ang University, South Korea
How we talk about English Teaching (in South Korea)

Featured Speakers
Kristen Sullivan and Paul Collett, Shimonoseki University, Japan

– Hear the latest developments in Education and Language Learning research
– Excellent opportunities to promote your research, organisation, or institution
– Have your research published in the official conference proceedings and eligible for journal publication
– Participate in interactive audience sessions
– Daily refreshment breaks and snacks
– International networking opportunities

For details on how to join as an audience member and further registration details, please go to http://iafor.org/acll2015-registration/

Any queries can be directed to acll@iafor.org