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Interdisciplinary Pragmatics Article: Variation and the Indexical Field

Meeting(Image from
The Linguistic Politeness Research Group and Goffman Group will be meeting at Sheffield Hallam University (U.K.) for a discussion on this article by Prof Eckert (Eckert 2008 Variation & Indexical Field). For those of you who cannot attend it, but are straddling subfields such as Linguistics Anthropology, Sociolinguistics, Semantics, Ideology, Politeness Studies and other disciplines in your research, it is worth reading the article.

Prof Eckert’s site for understanding the context of the article is:


Vietnamese Politeness: A Comparison

I received an email from Miss A with some questions which I am citing in the following paragraph:

“I would like to ask you a question about Vietnamese language. Do they have polite forms of address terms, like those that exist in Malay? Are there any other forms of politeness in the language?”

I am posting one of the latest works on Vietnamese politeness to answer Miss A’s questions, as well as for those who are working on politeness for their projects. The publication appeared as Chapter 9 in Politeness in East Asia posted on Unlike earlier works, it includes non-linguistic politeness in its emphasis. Click: