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Vietnamese Classifiers

I am giving some thoughts on the question of whether mensural and sortal categories can be applied to Vietnamese classifiers. The question is raised in Sim’s thesis. For those who are interested in Viet classifiers, I am pasting two links in this post:



For those who are interested in Vietnamese classifiers for pedagogical purpose, I have a list of the classifiers. You may contact me at sealinguist@gmail.com.  Your patience is required as I am currently away from the computer for a few months, and only use it randomly.


Book chapter — Vietnam

Chew, C. L. G. (2009). Vietnam. In Bargiela, F. (Ed.), Handbook of business discourse (pp. 372-386). [S.l.] Edinburg Univ Press.  Retrieved from http://www.worldcat.org/title/handbook-of-business-discourse/oclc/430834881

The following is extracted from the beginning of the chapter:

“As an initial step towards locating Vietnam on the business discourse map, this chapter …… emphasises the understanding of the Vietnamese culture as a way of enhancing cultural literacy in this era of globalisation. By doing so, it hopes not only to broaden and deepen understanding of the topic but also to stimulate the development of research in business discourse.”