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Phonological Topics in Vietnamese, Hakka, Mon-Khmer, etc.; Language Use and Naming

I have decided to post the entire issue of Mon-Khmer 40. The issues raised in the journal may be phonologically related, but the linguistic sources and perspectives are not solely revolving around it. The languages under study are also varied; they are one of the Hakka varieties in Thailand, Tonga-Mos, and Muong in Vietnam. There are also topics on language use and naming issues.

The following briefly reflect the content of the issue Mon-Khmer Studies 40
Mường is not a subgroup;notes on Ten-edn (Tonga-Mos) and Kensiw Borrowings;Jiēyáng Hakka phonology as spoken in Bangkok;the interaction between pitch and vowel length in Mon-Khmer languages; a comparison of sequential strategies in Mon-Khmer narratives; the status quo and trend of language use by Lai people; plant and wildlife naming system in southern Pumi; and a phonetic description and phonemic analysis of Jowai-Pnar (India).