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Singlish videos

There is a wealth of videos on English(es) spoken in Singapore on YouTube. Here’s a video on some Singlish terms commonly used in Singapore which baffle foreigners:

There are a few more on militarylese available on YouTube. I can’t say that all Singaporeans understand the military language examples on YouTube. Anyway have fun deciphering if you don’t!



Article: Corrective Feedback and Pragmatic Performance of Singaporean Children

(Image from
Thank you very much, Dr Minh, for sharing another paper useful for English language instructors!
The article can be accessed at:

Tunch: A Fad?


In Hindi, “tunch” means “trivial; meagre” (see In Singapore, it’s a neologism from a blend of “unch” from “lunch” and “t” from “tea” which means to have lunch and tea at the same time. It might develop into a common practice of eating heavily – not meagrely.  It’s not something out of the mind in a city of food-lovers however!