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English and the languages we will speak in a 100 years

Have we given a thought about the English language(s) that we will be speaking in a century from now on? Which languages will be extinct and which will be used? Here are two somewhat futuristic press articles that broach these issues:

Dr Horobin:

Dr McWhorter:



Thread no. 1: Message from Ms Grace Chew

Thread no. 1: Message from Ms Grace Chew

Congratulations to Sherman Tan of ANU on the following publication:

Tan, S. 2012. (2012) “Language Ideology in Discourses of Resistance to Dominant Hierarchies of Linguistic Worth: Mandarin Chinese and Chinese ‘Dialects’ in Singapore.” The Australian Journal of Anthropology. Special Issue on Interlanguage articulations in the Asia Pacific.

From Sherman before the paper was published:

 Sherman Tan

Hi Grace,

… you can include the abstract from the conference paper (which the article originates from). The details of the conference paper can be found at

For those of you who are interested in knowing what Sherman is up to academically, please follow his blog entries as well (see below). Remember to cite responsibly!

Sherman Tan

Also, you’re more than welcome to include links to my academic writing site at It includes some of the things I have written leisurely/for university courses, and also some ideas I have been exploring.