Nguyen Dinh-Hoa (1957) Classifiers in Vietnamese

download (Image from
In case you’re doing comparative linguistics, typology, syntax and so forth, and have been looking around for this article which is neither available online nor in your library, please drop me an email.
** I thank Mr Hao Phan, Southeast Asia Curator of Northern Illinois University, for being very kind to send me the copy.


3 thoughts on “Nguyen Dinh-Hoa (1957) Classifiers in Vietnamese

  1. Ngoc Quang

    Dear Mr. / Mrs, I am Ngoc Quang, a student of University Mainz. I am looking for the article: Classifiers in Vietnamese by Nguyen Dinh Hoa (1957). I could not find it in the library or online either. I was very happy when I found this page and knew that you are willing to share this article. Would you mind sending me a copy per my email as below. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I greatly appreciate for you kindness and wish you all the best. Ngoc Quang


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