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Call for Papers: 3rd Conference on Arabic Studies & Islamic Civilization


The conference focuses on research related to the study of Arabic and Islamic Civilization. It covers all scientific disciplines and issues related to it. The conference brings together scholars, academicians and professionals who are involved directly or indirectly with the discipline of Arabic linguistics and study of Islamic knowledge from all over the world to present their research results.

Organizers: in collaboration with Department of Arabic Studies and Linguistics, Academy of Islam, International Islamic University College Selangor, MALAYSIA .

(Note: I have not attended conferences organized by the named organizers. Please contact them for more information),

  • The objectives of this conference is to establish the Arabic and Islamic knowledge in the eyes of the global community . The conference will also discuss on issues related to the field of Arabic linguistics and Islamic knowledge in theory and practical .
  • The language medium: We accept articles in Malay , English and Arabic .
  • Sub- themes of the conference:
    Arabic Sociolinguistics
    Arabic Psycholinguistics
    Modern Linguistics ( Arabic )
    Arabic Education
    Arabic language skills
    Teaching Arabic language skills
    semantic knowledge
    Lexicography and Arabic Terminology
    Knowledge on Balaghah
    Islamic Education
    Syariah Islamiyyah
    Dakwah Islamiyyah
    Knowledge of Tasawuf
    The Islamic Faith
    Islamic Economics
    integration of knowledge
    Hadith Nabawi and ulum al – Hadith
    Quran and Tafseer
    Islamic Civilization
    General issues related to the study of Arabic and Islamic Sciences
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    Abstract Submission Due: 31 Jan 2016
    Full paper Submission Deadline: 15 Jan 2016
    Submit your full paper at
    Full paper Acceptance Notification: 20 Feb 2016
    Presentation Schedule 1st draft: 25 Feb 2016
    Conference dates: 14-15 March 2016
    Venue: Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Web address:

Polite requests in various languages; politeness in the Quran/Koran


I am uploading these sample articles for the research interests of some followers and readers of this blog.  Those who are interested in examining the full issues carrying these popular articles might want to refer to Intercultural Pragmatics available in your library.

Yu (2011) English, Hebrew and Korean requests

Al-Khatib (2012) Politeness in the Quran


A Sociolinguistic Study of Muslim and Christian Wedding Invitation Genre (Jordan)

(Image from Murad Sawalmeh)
Our follower, Murad Sawalmeh, has shared another publication on his website:

It’s a pretty card! Linguists who know Arabic can start comparing the Jordanian variety or organisation of language in the particular setting with theirs.

It’s really encouraging to know that our followers and members are actively publishing. Thank you for sharing!