To continue with ‘conventions and meanings’ in certificates

I have mentioned ‘conventions and meanings’ in one of my earlier posts:

To continue with the topic, my certificate finally arrived on 30th December 2015! It’s worded in the most concise and straightforward way. (The coat of arms, design, printing quality, colors, and the shiny piece of code at the bottom right-hand corner all make this certificate look very dignified).

My PhD

The waiting time for it was as long as the writing/research period:  Waiting for drafts to be assessed, waiting for the green light to submit, waiting for oral defence (the longest!), waiting for assessment of the revision, waiting for the administration to prepare the certificate, and waiting for the certificate to arrive! The studies, research and everything else add up to 48 months.  This is the time you can expect to spend before you attain your PhD, if that’s your goal. See below:

  • Course studies:  18 months
  • Thesis writing (start to submission)(at Huddersfield):  18 months
  • Waiting period for oral defence:  6 months
  • Thesis revision: 2.5 months
  • Assessment time on the revised thesis (from the submission of the revised thesis until the confirmation of award):  2.5   months
  • Waiting period for the delivery of the PhD certificate (from the time of the confirmation to the day the certificate arrived):   1 month


Total: 48 months

*Apart from my supervisors, examiners and external advisor in the U.K., I thank professors of Vietnamese Studies and Linguistics in the U.S., Nom scholars in Vietnam, professors in Vietnam, VSG scholars, and librarians in Hanoi, Singapore and the U.S. who have given their support to my project. I also thank my friends for their moral and intellectual support.

The next logical step is to refine it for another year and then try to publish it with a reputable publisher. I think by doing that, I can then officially thank all who have given their kind support!



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