Norrick & Haugh (Eds.) JoP Volume 86, 1-110 (2015) Interdisciplinary perspectives on pragmatics: A Festschrift for Jonathan Culpeper

A special issue in honour of Prof Jonathan Culpeper with a lot of interesting articles. I have uploaded two of them  (including re-posting Haugh 2015 here):

Interdisciplinary perspectives on pragmatics: A festschrift for Jonathan Culpeper

Pages 1-4

Neal Norrick, Michael Haugh

Interpersonal pragmatics and its link to (im)politeness research

Pages 5-10 

Miriam A. Locher

Modern scholars within politeness research need to carefully define the scope of their research.

Scholars studying interpersonal aspects of communication can benefit from insights within other linguistic and interdisciplinary fields of studies.

Studying (im)politeness benefits from combining methodologies from different research fields.

conventionalisation:  A new agenda for im/politeness research

Pages 11-18

Marina Terkourafi

(Un)expected behavior: Some general issues and a papal example

Pages 19-24

Claudia Caffi

Un/expectedness is the potential encompassing category with respect to im/politeness and in/appropriateness.

The choice of un/expectedness would bring two advantages.

First, the concept would not be value-laden, unlike im/politeness and in/appropriateness.

Second, it would be selected on empirical and phenomenological, rather than logical and semantic grounds.

Conceptualizing politeness in Greek: Evidence from Twitter corpora

Pages 25-30

Maria Sifianou

Twitter as a source of naturally occurring data.

The influence of the medium in the conceptualization of politeness.

Politeness is not restricted to verbal behaviour.

Direct off-record requests? – ‘Hinting’ in family interactions

Pages 31-35

Eva Ogiermann

Impoliteness and taking offence in initial interactions (Article)

Pages 36-42

Michael Haugh

Intercultural impoliteness

Pages 43-47

Istvan Kecskes

 The combining of Discourse Markers – A beginning

Pages 48-53

Bruce Fraser

Understanding vagueness: A prosodic analysis of endocentric and exocentric general extenders in English conversation

Pages 54-62

Jesús Romero-Trillo

Pragmatics of fiction: Literary uses of uh and um

Pages 63-67

Andreas H. Jucker

“Ah, pox o’ your Pad-lock”: Interjections in the Old Bailey Corpus 1720–1913

Pages 68-73

Elizabeth Closs Traugott

Chinese xiehouyu (歇 后 语) and the interpretation of metaphor and metonymy

Pages 74-79

Dingfang Shu

Lexical cloning in English: A neo-Gricean lexical pragmatic analysis

Pages 80-85

Yan Huang

Under/standing cartoons: The suppression hypothesis revisited

Pages 86-93

Ofer Fein, Sari Beni-Noked, Rachel Giora

Narrative illocutionary acts direct and indirect

Pages 94-99

Neal R. Norrick

The power of the ordinary: Quotidian framing as a narrative strategy

Pages 100-105

Yoshiko Matsumoto

Subjectivity: Between discourse and conceptualization

Pages 106-110

Jan Nuyts



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