Izadi (2015) on Persian honorifics and social practice


(Image from http://www.ancient.eu)

A new article from JOP on  Persian honorifics

Im/politeness has recently been conceptualized in terms of evaluations that not only arise in social practice but also form a social
practice (Haugh, 2013; Kádár and Haugh, 2013). This necessitates the analysis of politeness to go beyond the analysis of language to the
analysis of social actions and meanings. This paper examines the role of Persian honorifics (the language which is conventionally
associated with politeness) in the im/politeness evaluations that arise in localized interactions. Conversation Analysis is used to analyze
two cases of honorifics-included social interactions in Persian. The implications for im/politeness theory are discussed in conclusion.
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**Someone asked for Haugh’s (2013) journal article, “Im/politeness, social practice and the participation order”.  I have uploaded it again on this website. Kindly key in Haugh’s name in the search box on the (your) right column to access it.



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