Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (June 5-7, 2015, California)

The annual conference of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) in 2015 will be hosted by the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. The conference theme is “Transnational Asias.” The program committee seeks organized panels and individual papers on all regions of Asia, including East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia as well as papers that address globalized and diasporic elements of the Asian experience, within Asia and around the world, including Asian American Studies.

ASPAC promotes multidisciplinary inquiry and scholarship in Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography, Literature, Linguistics, Language Teaching, Law, Business Administration, Psychology, and other disciplines.  The conference is open to students and scholars from around the world.

Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers for the Mori-ASPAC prize. This prize includes a $300 cash award, a one year membership in the AAS, and a nomination to present the paper at the 2016 AAS meeting in Seattle. Entrants must present their paper at the conference to be eligible for the award.  To enter a paper for consideration for the prize, please:

  1. Register for the conference.
  2. Submit the proposal abstract.
  3. Submit a brief letter of nomination from your academic advisor to conference organizer
  4. Submit the paper itself to by May 1.



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