Language Attitudes, Ideology, Sociolinguistics, etc.

(Image from Eric Per1in’s cartoon )

I was searching for some articles that would tell me what I needed to know about language attitudes, ideology, variation and standardisation in a nutshell last night.  I typed some basic words in the Google box, and my hit was spot-on!  This set of slides prepared by Professor Alicia Wassink (University of Washington) showed me the key concepts and readings in a nutshell. So I did not have to think hard about the next new blog post — enjoy the Wassink Sociolinguistics Slides!



4 thoughts on “Language Attitudes, Ideology, Sociolinguistics, etc.

    1. Grace Chew C L Post author

      Hi, Afef! Am I happy to hear from you! Not at all, it’s my pleasure. Anything to share about Ampra? It’ll be nice to meet you again at the next conference. I hope that you stay active and fit! Stay in touch please!

      1. Afef Labben

        Dear Grace, sooooooooooooooo pleased to hear from you too. I will be presenting a paper about ‘face’ in the Tunisian culture in the upcoming Ipra conference. I hope to see you there!

      2. Grace Chew C L Post author

        Wow! Congratulations!!! You’re already presenting in a very high-profile event for Pragmatists. I am concluding my PhD, thus I did not register for it (I’ll have the next chance :)). All the best, and please do share about it, if possible (no pressure, though). I will let you know which conferences I will go this/next year once I know my schedule. Be in tip-top condition for IPrA! Send Prof Jef my warm regards.

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