Call For Papers Now; More Conferences From Dec 2014 to Jun 2015

photo (61) (Image of a conference from my archive)
Those who are thinking of joining groups which are translating the Qur’an, researching on Sociolinguistics, or working toward a typology in the area of impersonal pronouns might be interested in this update.

*** A gentle reminder: This list of conferences should be read in addition to the quite comprehensive lists of conferences in the first- and second-half of 2015 with Call for Papers that have already been posted. Click “Conferences” on your right on this website.
(1) International Conference on Qur’an Translation (16 Dec to 17 Dec 2014 in Tehran, Iran)
This is organised by the Iranian Institute for Translation Studies.

(2) Norwegian Student Conference in Linguistics and Philology (NoSLiP) (22 Jan to 23 Jan 2015 in Tromsø, Norway)
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 24 Oct 2014
*Note: For postgraduate students only. Organized by the Norwegian Graduate Researcher School.
(3) Society for Pidgin & Creole (SPCL) Meeting (8 Jan to 11 Jan 2015 in Oregon, USA)

(4) Conceptualizing, Investigating and Practising Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
(27 Feb to 28 Feb 2015 in Washington, DC, USA)

Georgetown University Graduate Student Conference

(5) 5th Bremen Symposium on Language Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (20Feb to 21 Feb 2015)

(6) Conference on Reference Impersonals (4 Feb to 5 Feb 2015 in Paris, France)
Project: Toward a typology of human impersonal pronouns (ANR-DFG)

The conference will be followed by a Workshop on Sign languages and R-impersonal pronouns on 6 February 2015, at the CNRS Pouchet-Center, Paris, France

(7) Chicago Linguistic Society 51 (CLS51)( 23 April to 25 April 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Please google for more information.
Linguistic subfields: General Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Morphology; Phonetics; Phonology; Pragmatics; Semantics; Syntax

(8) Formal Approaches to South Asian Linguistics 5 (FASAL-5)( 11 April to 12 April 2015 in New Haven, CT, USA)
Language groups: Dravidian; Indo-Aryan; Tibeto-Burman; Austro-Asiatic

(9) SEALS Conference (Chiangmai, Thailand)
See earlier post on this blog.

(10) Globalising Sociolinguistics (18 June to 20 June 2015 in Leiden Netherlands)

Linguistic subfields: Anthropological Linguistics; Historical Linguistics; Language Documentation; Linguistic Theories; Philosophy of Language; Sociolinguistics


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