A Repository of Nom Works

I must say that I’m rather impressed with the Yale University Library’s Digital Collection of Nom (Vietnamese ancient demotic script).  The works* are very intelligible and they are downloadable — benefits which certainly help scholars to save costs (mainly time and money). I am glad to have found the site (see link “Rich Resource of Nom Works” on your right) after having travelled some distances several times a week for two months. Thank you, Yale University librarians!

There is a point to note, though. While many of the Nom texts are beautifully handwritten, the transcription of the Nom works in modern Vietnamese has many errors. Thus if citations are required in your work, it is advisable to check the transcription again.

* Of course, ideally, the collection should be more than 60. For  works which you can’t find at Yale University Library, please also look at the French weblink posted under “Translating Ancient Texts”.  (The website has poems written by Nguyễn Trãi.) The website of the Han Nom Preservation Foundation (http://nomfoundation.org/) should also be one of the sites to visit for Nom works.

Enjoy Nom!


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