The Linguistics Journal (Sept 2009, Special Edition)

The Linguistics Journal: Language, Culture and Identity in Asia.  (September 2009  Special Edition).

Table of Contents:
-1. Language, Culture and Identity through English as a Lingua Franca in Asia: Notes from the Field

2. Ruth M.H. Wong  (Page 36 – 62)
Identity Change: Overseas Students Returning to Hong Kong

3. Jules Winchester  (Page 63 – 81)
The Self Concept, Culture and Cultural Identity: An Examination of the Verbal Expression of the Self Concept in an Intercultural Context

4. Reza Ghafar Samar & Babak Mahdavy (Page 82 – 100)
-Identities in the Headlines of Iranian National Newspapers

5. Rula L. Diab (Page 101 – 120)
Lebanese University Students’ Perceptions of Ethnic, National, and Linguistic Identity and Their Preferences for Foreign Language Learning in Lebanon

6. Nazl Baykal  (Page 121 – 154)
-The Discursive Construction of Ethnic Identity: Sulukule Case, Turkey

7. Maya Khemlani David, Francesco Cavallaro, & Paolo Coluzzi (Page 155 – 191)
-Language Policies – Impact on Language Maintenance and Teaching: Focus on Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines

8. Francesco Cavallaro & Tania Rahman (Page 192 – 220)
-The Santals of Bangladesh





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