Working Papers on the Web

The Department of English Studies at Sheffield Hallam Universitycreates the Working Papers on the Web to “produce a high quality, cutting-edge series of collections of essays on themes which reflect the research strengths of the staff and postgraduates. The department brings together staff and postgraduates working in English literature and literary theory, creative writing and linguistics, and this series of working papers reflects the way that the department integrates these three interests.”

Issue 3 contains a collection of working papers organised around the theme linguisitc politeness. See


Table of Content –

Cross Cultural Linguistic Politeness Research Group: Introduction

Francesca Bargiela: et al:’ Ethnocentrism, Politeness and Naming Strategies’

Chris Christie: ‘Politeness and the Linguistic Construction of Gender in Parliament’

Karen Grainger: ‘Politeness or Impoliteness?: Verbal Play on the Hospital Ward’

Andrew Merrison: ‘Politeness in Task-Oriented Dialogue’

Louise Mullany: ‘”I don’t think you want me to get a word in edgeways, do you John?”: Reassessing (im)politeness, language and gender in political broadcast interviews’

Reviews of: Ann Bayraktaroglu and Maria Sifianou, eds., Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries (Corinne Boz); Gino Eelen, A Critique of Politeness Theories (Abdurrahman Hamza); Saeko Fukushima, Requests and Culture (Andrew Merrison); Helen Spencer-Oatey, ed., Culturally Speaking (Sara Mills)



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