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The aim of this research blog is to encourage sharing among researchers on the topic of linguistic politeness and pragmatics. This platform has been made accessible to public since 31 July 2013.

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Malaysian English: A Book and Article (Tan, 2013; 2014)

Proper English
(Image from syahrulzaman.com. It was selected without the intention to reflect Malaysian English)

Thank you for sharing, to the sender who wants to remain anonymous!
Here’s some information on publications relating to Malaysian English: the article Malaysian English KM 32 Supp 1 2014 – Art 8(167-185), and the book:


Creating a corpus is fun. My corpus may be the smallest in the world.
(But I have so far excluded conference/workshop information for computer linguists on this website. I may include such information in the future).
*** A gentle reminder: Comprehensive lists of conferences in the first- and second-half of 2015 with Call for Papers have already been posted. Click “Conferences” on your right on this website.

Article: Corrective Feedback and Pragmatic Performance of Singaporean Children

(Image from asiapundits.com)
Thank you very much, Dr Minh, for sharing another paper useful for English language instructors!
The article can be accessed at:


Assistant Professor in Education: College in California

Experience and Qualifications:
Doctoral degree in education by December 31, 2015.
A minimum of two years experience in higher education teaching education and/or teacher credential courses.
A minimum of three years experience teaching at the K-12 level, preferably K-8.Excellent public relations, communication and technology skills.
Administrative experience indicating the capacity to oversee student recruitment, advisement, and school placement.
Experience with program planning and curriculum development.
Familiarity with the California Standards for new and continuing teachers (including the Common Core State Standards), the California accreditation system, and the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing.
Demonstrated commitment to student-centered learning and rigorous post-bachelor level teaching, etc.

Application Instructions: Please apply on-line at http://jobs.stmarys-ca.edu.

14th International Pragmatics Conference, 26-31 July 2015, Antwerp; Extended deadline for abstracts submission

(Image from http://www.eudat.eu)
Extended deadline for abstracts submission: 22 October 2014
Professor Jef Verschueren, IPrA Secretary General, has informed that if you are trying to make last-minute submissions to meet the 15 October deadline, the deadline will be extended through 22 October 2014 in order to prevent system overload. However the submission module will be definitively closed on Thursday morning 23 October, 9:00 AM, Belgian time.

Digital Discourse Analysis Conference (19-20 Nov 2015)(Valencia, Spain)

(Image from routledge.com)
Here’s the first call for papers for the Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis Conference that will be held in Valencia (Spain) on November 19-20, 2015.
Information: ADDA1 1st CFP
Pilar G. Blitvich, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in English
pgblitvi@uncc.edu | http://english.uncc.edu/people/blitvich-pilar-phd
Co-Editor in Chief – Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict


A Sociolinguistic Study of Muslim and Christian Wedding Invitation Genre (Jordan)

(Image from Murad Sawalmeh)
Our follower, Murad Sawalmeh, has shared another publication on his website:


It’s a pretty card! Linguists who know Arabic can start comparing the Jordanian variety or organisation of language in the particular setting with theirs.

It’s really encouraging to know that our followers and members are actively publishing. Thank you for sharing!